Who writes the content?
We have our own top-quality writing team who create your original content.

Can you provide references from other college media?
Yes, we have complete transparency for our content-writing service. We can send you a list of college media publishing our articles, along with names of professors and faculty who can provide references for us.

How many articles are you sending us weekly?
Our college media typically publish 4 articles weekly.

Can we change the name of the Ask the Experts column?
Of course, you always have complete control over the content.

What if we do not publish during the Summer?
We can easily work within your publication schedule, which may exclude summer and holidays.

Do we have to publish the articles in our print editions?
All content is developed for publication only on your website.

Is this a syndicated column?
No, all content is originally written for publication once on your website.

What if you send us an article outside our editorial guidelines?
You retain full editorial control over the content. You can edit or reject any article. We carefully work within your editorial guidelines so you always receive suitable content.

Another Question?
You can call or email us. If not immediately available, we will get back to you promptly. Yes, we are available weekends.